Behind the scenes of the hilarious yet educational TikTok videos, you will find the woman who made it happen. MiniCowGirl is a 4th generation cattle rancher that has a herd of regular sized cows and she wanted a more hands on approach with something similar, yet different. After seeing many videos and pictures of miniature cattle, she finally pulled the trigger and started her journey. Her first mini cow (Luna) was the inspiration for the life she now leads, and that cow's daughter (Lilly) has since become her logo, the face of her brand and the primary source of her TikTok popularity which she started March 23, 2020 and has since grown to almost a million followers! MiniCowGirl loves to do anything outdoors from fishing, hunting, and camping to finding a local hot spot to sing some karaoke! Random road trips are her favorite though. But she always loves to come back home and spend time with her cattle.


Hickory AKA: Hickory Dean

DOB: 09/03/2017

Likes: Red headed heifers, being brushed, corn, weak fencing, pink buckets, the inside of hay rings, Hickory hopping, and small spaces in pipe fencing that only fit his head when poking through it, but not back out.

Dislikes: Time out pens, tractor tires, side by sides, hay rings, water tanks, feed bunks, the word NO and STOP, and when his neighbors are steers.


DOB: 06/28/2020

Likes: Corn, chin scratches, treats, attention of any kind, yelling at the top of her lungs throughout the day for no reason, following her mama around at the most inconvenient times, and using any type of shin or kneecap for her own personal scratching post and being the designated babysitter for all of the calves.

Dislikes: Being moved in a direction that wasn’t her own idea, molasses added to her corn chop, not being the center of attention, and when her mama isn’t constantly within her eyesight.


DOB: 06/21/2014

Likes: Being the most antisocial cow in the herd, yelling as loud as she can when she doesn’t want to be around certain cows, acting like she is going to trample someone when a new baby is born, and corn.

Dislikes: Large groups of cattle, anyone getting within a 10-foot radius of her, men, and an overly affectionate Hickory.

With all that being said: Cait is a great mama and has never had any issues with not accepting her babies.


DOB: 04/09/2017

Likes: Treats (but only on the ground, and not hand fed), being vocal when she is not acknowledged, hovering over her new babies constantly (helicopter mama), corn, and taking her time wherever she goes.

Dislikes: When people point out her wonky horn, being last to the feed bunk, being separated from Cait, and seeing any type of side by side driving by and not stopping to feed her.


DOB: 4/18/2018

Likes: Putting her head in the pink feed bucket before the feed is distributed, making sure the entire county knows that she is hungry by yelling at the top of her lungs, chin, head, and neck scratches, and being around her fellow cows or any type of animal.

Dislikes: Being alone, too many heads in the feed bunk, and the "no more corn” season.


DOB: 4/24/2018

Likes: staring off into the distance for long periods of time with absolutely no thought behind her eyes, being in every other cow’s business (especially during labor/birthing), feeding time, and Hickory.

Dislikes: “No more corn” season, being alone.

Reba is a very mellow, content, cow and is usually unbothered by everything.

We are busy interviewing the rest of the herd. It is tough trying to round up these celebrities!